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We Make Hard Decisions Easy

As the Decision-as-a-Service platform, we make it simple for anyone to build and run decision workflows.

Our Story

When Logan was building a digital lending business, he experienced first-hand how hard it is to correctly implement complex decision rules. In the financial industry, this includes all the data and policy decisions that teams such as risk management and compliance need to decide who should get a loan.

After searching for a solution to make managing all this complexity easier, he found all the existing options overpriced, outdated, and unavailable without going through countless vendor meetings. If only there was a simple way to make the decision diagrams people were drawing come to life?

Thus the idea for Ruleset was born. Logan partnered with Zheng, who brings his expertise in machine learning workflows from the self-driving car industry to the world of business decision engines. Together, the Ruleset team is on a mission to make managing data-driven decisions as easy, efficient, and transparent as possible.

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